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World's first and finest
Non-caffeinated Android Engineer


Disclaimer : Not really the world’s first

Hey there, I'm Amsavarthan - a seasoned Android developer with a Google certification and over five years of experience. I started tinkering with Android when I was barely out of diapers (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration), and now I'm all grown up (mostly). I may not have a superhero cape, but I do have a hoodie and a trusty laptop that I use to build amazing apps.

Currently, I work at Zoho, where I hone my Android development skills to deliver top-notch apps to customers.

But my expertise doesn't end there - I'm also a full-stack developer, which means I can handle everything from front-end design to back-end coding. And let's not forget that I always keep the user at the center of my app development process.

So if you need an app that's both user-friendly and technically sound, I'm your guy!

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Significant projects I worked on that are now retired.


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Backpack is a free learning platform for school and college students. It contains E-learning modules, Educational games, Online course, and much more.


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An android app that shows live case updates about the deadly virus of 2020 aka Corona to stay updated and some safety tips since 'Prevention is better than Cure'.


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A personal companion app to help with common personal security problems and some helpful features like Homework helper, Nearby places finder, Reminder, and much more. Click to learn more.

Go Quotes API

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GO Quotes is a free, open source quotations API. It was built when I was getting started with GO lang. The sample database includes 500+ quotes.

Go Quotes Web

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React app to showcase the use of GO Quotes API. It uses axios to get data from the API and shows to the user.


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An open source social media backed by Google's Firebase.

Media Toolbox

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The all in one ad-free toolkit for social media's.

Paruvaththe Payir Sei

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A Q&A platform to share and gain knowledge..


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Posizione simplifies life in the digital world by making it easy to stay connected to the people who matter most. Posizione will be useful for parents as they can track their children.


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Just a normal popular children's game.

We Define Net

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A Client referrer app made for WDN, once the client is approved you will be paid. Increase the clients to Increase Referral Amount.